AI Model Manager is (in progress) an open source app that allows you to store your model files in one location.

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What is an AI Model Manager?

An AI Model Manager is a software package that helps to manage and maintain Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. It provides a way to store, version, and deploy AI models. It enables the reuse of models by different applications, allowing them to be used more efficiently.

How an AI Model Manager Works as a Package Manager

An AI Model Manager works like a package manager, providing a way to store, version, and deploy AI models. Model Managers provide a central repository of AI models, where they can be stored, versioned, and shared. The Model Manager also enables the tracking of model changes and the ability to roll back to a previous version if needed.

Saving Models in a Shared Location Saves Disk Space

By storing AI models in a shared location, disk space is saved. This is because multiple applications can access the same model, instead of each application having to store its own separate copy. This can be beneficial for large organizations, as a single model stored in the Model Manager can be used across multiple applications, eliminating the need to store multiple copies of the same model.

Unlimited Features, Unlimited Fun

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Download Once

Download large model files once and use anywhere

More Secure

One point of ingress and validation that stored models are official


Serves convenience for end users and developers

Open Source

Code uses Apache2 licence!

Start saving disk space.
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